Weighton Coin Wonders is Changing

Pending Software Upgrade

You will of noticed, here at Weighton Coin Wonders we have for the past year been using an e-commerce software provided by a company dedicated to the task.  Although adequate for the task, we have found that this software does not have as good facilities as the software we used to use (you will of noticed the lack of newsletters and product notifications).

We have therefore taken the decision to streamline all our website, and go back to using an improved version of the Zen Cart software we used for over 8 years.  This software has many more functions WE control, and with functional & design modifications carried out gives us full and complete access to supply you with the best on-line buying experience possible. It is also a 'Responsive' template which gives a better visual experience on both Mobile and Tablet platforms.

A Snapshot of the NEW website software:

Planned Launch Date - 11th - 13th November 2017

We have been able to cross over accounts that were registered on the current software, HOWEVER we were not able to transfer passwords.  We will therefore enable your registered account with a default password, which will allow you initial access, and then you will be able to go into your account and change the password that ONLY you know.  We will notify you at the time we launch the software.

We were also able to cross over previous email addresses from other databases where clients had registered to receive email newsletters and notifications.  As some of these are from quite some time ago, we have just added them to the new database, with no other information.  These accounts will also be able to log in with a default password, but up to date details will also need to be added if you still require to use our services.

Full details to follow during the launch weekend.


Kind Regards

Richard Anderson

Director & Principal Dealer

Weighton Coin Wonders